Some of the Best Questions Ever Asked on ux.stackexchange

For any of you who are interested in the topic of user experience or who are designing a website; this post is for you. All these questions are from Though some of them may seem like nonsense, I think they hold some important tips..

1. Should error messages apologize?

Credit to Addison from Dribbble

2. Is there a difference between “login” and “log in”?

Credit to Daryl Ginn from Dribbble

3. Do you need a search button with a search box?

Credit to Phyek from Dribbble

4. How to discover what users NEED and not what they WANT?

Credit to Bart-Jan Verhoef from Dribbble

5. Do “add” or “edit” functions need a confirm button?

Credit to Mac Tyler from Dribbble

6. What explains the current shift from glossy UIs to matte UIs?

Credit to Kajdax from Dribbble

7. Do touch screens have a harmful psychological effect on people?

Credit to Helvetic Brands from Dribbble

8. If nobody reads Privacy Policies or Terms and Conditions, why not change them?

Credit to Jet Cooper from Dribbble

9. What reason could Nintendo have had for putting the A and B buttons the wrong way round?

Credit to Juicefoozle from Dribbble

10. What is the difference between Wireframing and prototyping?

Credit to Dash from Dribbble

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