Music While you Programme

Many people like to listen to music when they work but when programming/coding it can be hard to find tunes that don’t distract you. As a rule of thumb anything with rapping in it is a no go. You will find it unbelievably hard to code with it even in the background.

In no particular order this is a list of ten tunes for you which are coding safe so you can listen to them while you work on your big projects.

WARNING: most of these are dance/dubstep/techno

– One – Ratatat
– Pulsefire Ezreal Theme – Rameses B
– Hold Your Color – Pendulum
– Origami – TwoThirds

– Acid Wølfpack – Coyote Kisses
– Drive Hard – PrototypeRaptor
– Sector Sweep – Half Life 2: Episode Two
– Black Eye/Burnt Thumb – Metronomy
– Snake Eyes ft. CoMa – Feint

The Most Important Thing you Should Know About Programming

work notes at 18.25.00

If you want to begin programming, or you already programme but are seriously considering taking your skills to the next level; this article is for you.

In my opinion, the most important thing you should know about programming is that you will never know everything. It is impossible. The world of programming is ever changing and evolving and though you can be an expert in your field, there will always be new things to learn.

So if you don’t mind learning and perfecting your trade, programming might just be for you. If you are not the biggest fan of continuous learning you might want to consider something else.

Why You are Not Rich?

So you want to be rich, and you want to get there using your tech skills. Whether they be your pixel perfect photoshop abilities or your genius programming skills this can be a hard task. This could also include other skills. But the important thing is that you are not making enough money with them. But why aren’t you?

Making money in the tech world is sadly not as easy as it sounds, but it is easier than you might think. What you need to remember is that your skills are in demand. But there are businesses out there who will not pay fairly.

If you have looked around a little you might have found a few interesting ways you can put your skills to use. But are they worth checking out.

Selling stock such as photographs, vectors, PSD files, wordpress themes etc. can be a very lucrative business and with so many websites out there asking for your stuff it can be very enticing too. But should you?

Incendio by Cleantastic on Themeforest

Incendio by Cleantastic on Themeforest

Well some websites offer you as little as 33% of what you make in sales. That doesn’t sound good. It can seem like a very good idea to go down this route when you hear of the few success stories but as a stock artist myself I can tell you that it is only good if you want to make a little extra cash. In my opinion succeeding in this area is so difficult I believe it deserves a blog post all of its own.

Crowdsourcing. Now thats a controversial topic isn’t it? Some designers love crowdsourcing (such making logos on Crowdspring) and say it is an easy way to make some extra cash; but others feel very differently. They feel that they get you to work without the guarantee of payment. Which is true. So how do you get around that? My rule of thumb is ‘don’t spend too much time crowdsourcing’. If you are thinking about entering a project that is asking for a fully functional wordpress theme with custom fonts and unique plugins (for instance) you might want to avoid it.

That being said many people put their unpaid for crowdsourcing projects to good use. Brandcrowd is a website where you can upload logos you created, with the hopes of selling them. Many people upload their unused logos here. The chance of them getting bought is something I do not know. What I’m trying to say is don’t get your hopes up.

The last thing I am going to talk about is freelance work. I’m not going to cover this one very much for two reasons: first there are so many other places you can go to find out about it, and second because I don’t actually do that much freelance work. All I’m going t say about it is this: its better than the others. Why? Because you deal with ‘real’ people. You deal with clients and there are no better critics in the world than clients. They know what they want (sometimes) and listening to them is sometimes the only way you can find out. Freelancing also pays out much more than the other routes I suggested.

But don’t just throw the other ideas out the window, they are still good; just don’t rely on them. All those other routes will still contribute to your future millions. Just don’t make them your only source of income.