Music While you Programme

Many people like to listen to music when they work but when programming/coding it can be hard to find tunes that don’t distract you. As a rule of thumb anything with rapping in it is a no go. You will find it unbelievably hard to code with it even in the background.

In no particular order this is a list of ten tunes for you which are coding safe so you can listen to them while you work on your big projects.

WARNING: most of these are dance/dubstep/techno

– One – Ratatat
– Pulsefire Ezreal Theme – Rameses B
– Hold Your Color – Pendulum
– Origami – TwoThirds

– Acid Wølfpack – Coyote Kisses
– Drive Hard – PrototypeRaptor
– Sector Sweep – Half Life 2: Episode Two
– Black Eye/Burnt Thumb – Metronomy
– Snake Eyes ft. CoMa – Feint

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