How amazing would a Breaking Bad game be? [CONTAINS SPOLIERS]

My Dream

Just think about it for a second or two… You would complete all sorts of missions like robbing trains and killing Tuco. You’d be able to play other characters (yes I have been playing a lot of GTA V). Walt, Jessie, Hank, Mike.. etc..

What would be even better would be if you could change the storyline. If you could decide to kill Gus or Mike or even if you could save Hank. The game would be dynamic. Perhaps you could make Walt even more evil than he already is (depending on if you think he is evil or not). You could decide to work with Gus or to work on your own. You could split with Jessie and work on your own.

The game I dream of is very, very dynamic and clever. It gives you a lot of freedom. I would love to see this happen.

If you have any other ideas you’d add to this game please comment them.

What book should I read?

The Hundred Brothers


What book are you reading at the moment? The genres of books I like are:

– science fiction

– fantasy

– creepy/horror

– surreal

I really want to read a good surreal story (short or novel). I’ve heard good things about ‘The Hundred Brothers’. What do you guys think of it? Anyone read it before, no SPOILERS please! 

What is going on with Pronunciation Book?

I don’t know what’s going on, but I want to.

So you’re preparing a speech for a big conference or award ceremony, and you want to know how to pronounce a certain word. So where do you go to find out? Non other than google. And google takes you to its sibling YouTube. Which takes you to a little channel called ‘Pronunciation Book’. And you watch one of their videos teaches you how to pronounce that certain word. Nice! You decide to check through the rest of their videos to see if any others would be of good use to you when you find this:

You may have found other videos about pronouncing numbers. If you are like me the next thing you do is have a look online and do a bit of researching. Allow me to give a breif insight into what I know about this interesting YouTube channel..

– Pronunciation Book has been around for a few years now.

– It actually did start of as just pronouncing words

– There is a website named ‘’ that is not in use at the moment

– ‘Hal’, ‘Cheif’ and ‘systems’ are often used in their video

– There is a spectrograph of the noise at the ends of the videos which can be found online. It appears to show a man

– The countdown will end on the 24th of September 2013

Stay tuned to this site and Pronunciation Book to really know what’s going on.

Thank you.

Hands on GTA V



So I just got down to playing GTA V and I thought I might as well blog about it.. So here I am, blogging about it. Now I am a newcomer to the GTA franchise so I can’t compare it to any of the previous ones but I can compare it to other ‘open world’ ‘sandbox’ games I have played before. There are two things I noticed and loved about playing it straight away. First was the space. It’s amazing! As someone from the UK, just seeing large roads feels spacious but GTA takes it to the next level. The freedom is so fun. The second thing is the cinematic quality. The game opens with you being thown into a mission nine years ago. After ‘completing’ the mission you are sent to the present day, where the words ‘Grand Theft Auto’ are printed on the screen. And from then you can tell that this game conducts itself like a movie. And parts of it even feel like a movie.

Anyway I suggest that you play this game (if you haven’t already) because it is really fun to shoot things and steal cars. More fun than it should. be.

Loki: The Trickster God



Hello, here is another god!

Loki was very well known to the Vikings as the ‘tricker god’. He had tricked many gods, giants and other creatures into doing various tasks for him. Some benefiting him, some just for fun. Loki was not at all trusted by all the other Norse gods, this was because he was a giant and gods didn’t usually look too fondly on giants. In fact he actually tricked himself into becoming a god. Loki caused numerous problems for everybody he knew, an example would be when the gods wanted to create a ‘hangout’ called the ‘Asgard’ but they did not have enough supplies or money to build it, so Loki suggested that he gets one of his giant friends to help out. He made an agreement with him saying that if he built the Asgard within a certain timeframe the gods would give him the sun, the moon and the Goddess Freya; which he agreed to. Naturally the gods were furious with this, fearing he would complete it within time. Loki promised the gods that he wouldn’t complete it in time, claiming he was incompetent. But the giant had others working with him meaning he was going to make it in time. To ensure he wouldn’t, Loki hid the horse so that he couldn’t. The plan worked.

Loki had many many wives (presumably he tricked some of them into marrying him), he was also a very talented shapshifter. He could shapeshift at will. Another interesting fact about him was that he became pregnant (despite that he was the wrong gender). He gave his child to Odin, the ruler.

Susanoo: Japanese God of the Underworld



Susanoo is the Japanese god of storms and the sea. He was also the ruler of the underworld, named Yomi. He and his two siblings were all born when Izanagi (a divine deity) washed his face. Susanoo was born when he cleaned out his nose in particular.

He once got into a very violent fight which his sister, Amaterasu, where he destroyed her rice fields and threw a skinned horse at her. He also killed one of her attendants. These actions got him banished from heaven. He was sent down to Earth, where he decided to turn a new leaf. He spend a lot of his time helping out an elderly couple who lost eight of their daughters to an evil serpent. Susanoo helped them get revenge by killing the serpent and cutting it into tiny pieces. In the process he discovered a powerful sword buried within the serpents tail.