Bumba: The Vomiting God



I was surfing the web one day when I stumbled upon a website named godchecker.com This website is basically a huge database containing gods and goddesses from all around the world.

Anyway I decided to check it out and discovered an interesting african god named Bumba..

Bumba is the african god of creation. He is the creator of everything in the world, and the way he created it is quite odd. Bumba is known as the vomiting god, this is because for many years he had felt extremely sick. One day he felt so sick that he vomited out the sun, which gave light to the universe. Not long after he vomited the moon, an array of different humans and nine animals which eventually evolved into every living thing in the world. After he felt every tired and retired to watch all the animals reproduce and multiply. His three sons helped him finish the world off.

I will be posting some other gods I have found from godchecker.com too!!

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