What is going on with Pronunciation Book?

I don’t know what’s going on, but I want to.

So you’re preparing a speech for a big conference or award ceremony, and you want to know how to pronounce a certain word. So where do you go to find out? Non other than google. And google takes you to its sibling YouTube. Which takes you to a little channel called ‘Pronunciation Book’. And you watch one of their videos teaches you how to pronounce that certain word. Nice! You decide to check through the rest of their videos to see if any others would be of good use to you when you find this:

You may have found other videos about pronouncing numbers. If you are like me the next thing you do is have a look online and do a bit of researching. Allow me to give a breif insight into what I know about this interesting YouTube channel..

– Pronunciation Book has been around for a few years now.

– It actually did start of as just pronouncing words

– There is a website named ‘pronunciationbook.com’ that is not in use at the moment

– ‘Hal’, ‘Cheif’ and ‘systems’ are often used in their video

– There is a spectrograph of the noise at the ends of the videos which can be found online. It appears to show a man

– The countdown will end on the 24th of September 2013

Stay tuned to this site and Pronunciation Book to really know what’s going on.

Thank you.