Morbid Season

Another four typography posters have been created for DesignedByJoel but this time they have a distinct theme attached to them. They are all part of the Morbid Season. Morbid season is a set of typographic posters with a mildly morbid theme to them.To view all four of them you can either go here or here.

Here is a sneak peak!

Don't worry, it's not loaded

Don’t worry, it’s not loaded



A Big Change is Coming…

Big Logo

There will be massive changes to JoelOkimoto both as a blog and as a brand. Since it’s start, this blog has been almost exclusively about tech news and tech info. That will not be the case anymore. Though this blog will still post the occasional tech article, it will now be posting about many other things (you could even say more entertaining things).

So if you are interested in:

– Gaming

– Movie and film reviews

– Lifehacks

– Interesting facts

– Extremely short stories


– Strange stuff

– Weird (but delicious) meals

– And many more

I would seriously suggest following this blog.